About Us

OKGreenCard is one of the best preparation services back up with live customer support. We help you from beginning to end to file your immigration case with the USCIS making this experience to be easy and satisfactory, while saving thousands of dollars in attorney´s fees.

First, we are NOT affiliated with the Government.

Second, we don’t sell forms, you can find most of them that the USCIS website. All forms are free.

Thirst, we don’t offer legal advice or representation.

Finally, our company is managed by specialists formerly employed at immigration attorney´s office. We understand there are a lot of people that can´t afford paying the high fees of an attorney to just fill out simple documentation that only requires having the knowledge and experience necessary.

Call now at 1-800-260-3243 for Free Consultation.
We speak Spanish too!

Our Specialists

Our team of specialists will help you fill out all the forms, so you don’t have to deal with them and be searching and reading to learn how to fill them out correctly. We will have your case ready within 48 hours after document completion. Keep in mind that we do not and can give you legal advice.

Document Preparation and Review

Our specialists work with a software that creates a package that is customize with specific forms needed for your case based on the answer you have provide to them. Doing this manually is not only time consuming and risky because a simple mistake can make your case be rejected.

Approval rating

We have over 97% success of approval. Go over our testimonials, approval is guarantee.

Account access from anywhere in the world

Everything is done online. The U.S. Citizen and beneficiary can log in to the account from their location and fill out a questionnaire.

Customer Support

You will have full live support either by phone (from Monday to Friday) and email support 24/7.