Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to work with an attorney, keep on mind that consultation is not for free and you will need to set up a previous appointment and pay at front $300 for just clarifying all yours doubts or questions. Beside that, their services including the office fee can go up to $11000. With OKGreenCard, consultation over the phone and email is for free and we can save you from spending that thousands of dollars.

Yes, you can. All forms are available to be download for free at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services web page. However, you must be careful, one single mistake in any the forms can be the cause for rejection of your case.

OKGreenCard specializes in immigration procedures, making this our area of expertise. We provide you the peace of mind that your forms will be filled out without errors so your case can be processed correctly and in a timely matter.

We have a 97% rate guarantee that your case will get approved by the USCIS.

Once you submit your case to the USCIS, within 6 months you should be receiving a blue letter in which state that your application has mistakes. This letter will come with instructions to fix those errors; however, those instructions are as complex as the initial instructions you followed. This means that most likely you will have errors in your application which will lead to more delays in your procedure.

As your first alternative, you could hire the services of an attorney who can help you fill out your forms; however, this option is much more expensive than hiring the service of an immigration services company that would do the same work as an attorney without charging you any offices and attorneys fees.

An immigration service company as OKGreenCard will assist you through all the process and guide you to gather all the documentation required to file your case. OKGreenCard is not a law firm, we are not attorneys neither provide legal advice/help. We use a top of the line software created by Immigration Specialist to fill out your forms error-free. Also, an immigration specialist will be assign to your case and will guide you from start to finish making sure your documentations is submitted to the correct USCIS office.

Keep on mind that a single mistake can make your case be rejected and using an immigration service company is the best way to go. This will help you to avoid delays and future extra charges.

We guarantee that your application will be fill out without errors according with the information provided by you to our immigration specialist. We guarantee your case will be ready in the next 72 hours after receiving all the information required. As mention above, an immigration specialists will be assign to your case to make sure that everything is fill out correctly and guide you to gather all the documentation required to your case. Our digitation supervisor will be reviewing documentation and forms before it gets submitted to triple check for accuracy.

Please contact us at 1-800-260-3243 to start your case today.