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A green card holder is someone who has the authorization to live and work in the United States. As a proof of that status, the USCIS grants a permanent resident card, best known as Green Card. Even though the residence status is valid for a lifetime, most Green Cards are only valid for 10 years for permanent residents or 2 years for conditional residents. After this time, the green card must be either renewed or replaced.

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Why you should apply for a Green Card?

Within eight to eleven months you can get your Green Card and become a Permanent Resident, with the following benefits:

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How can I get my Green Card?

There are two ways to get a green card:

  • If married to a US Citizen and entered to legally to the United States, most likely you might be eligible to adjust your status and get a green card. *Based on the type of visa used to enter the USA.
  • If married to a US Citizen and living abroad, you can also apply for the adjustment of status.

Specially with such complicated governmental procedures and laws that are continuously being modified.

OKGreenCard understands how tedious it can be to filling out all the forms. We will be with you throughout all the process and our immigration specialists will guide you through every step of your case.

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